I had the privilege last week to have been invited by the #UNWTO to participate as a panelist in a webinar on rebuilding confidence among tourism consumers and businesses in Africa. Grateful for this invitation that has allowed me to share my views and learn a great deal from fellow panelists. #COVID19 has certainly exposed a lot of gaps in #tourismconsumerprotection not only in Africa, but globally, with horror stories of tourists being stranded in foreign lands and left to fend for themselves. We can expect tourism consumer rights and the protection of such rights to become a hotly debated issue in a post Covid-19 tourism environment. In my view, those destinations that will get the balance right will most certainly gain a competitive edge over destinations that do not. We also discussed the all-too-important issue of #accesstofinance for African tourism businesses, especially SMEs, and made the recommendation of a well capitalized pan-African fund to support the restart of tourism in Africa. Access the video here.


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